Sunday, June 21, 2015

Making Space @aynorhslibrary.

I guess the maker movement at AHS officially started when we ordered a 3D printer at the end of the 2013-14 school year for the library.   I had been researching the movement and reading everything I could get my hands on about makerspaces.  After attending the ISTE conference during the summer, I was hooked.  We had the perfect space, part of the studio inside the library that was seldom used by the broadcast class.  The day before students came back to school, a student and parent set the makerbot mini up and making began.   We pulled out the robotics EV3 Lego kits, moved 2 iMac desktops the room and solicited supplies from the community and teachers.  

Making space for visions, inventions and VOICES.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

30 Years

I celebrated my 30 year class reunion last night.  Almost half of my class attended....I’m thinking that's pretty good after 30 years.  It was so good to see everybody...even better that I remembered everybody.  Some of my classmates had trouble with that one!  I will admit that I had to look in the yearbook for one boy...guess he's a man now!  Timmy hadn’t changed that much, I just had not seen him since he left for the military after high school.

I was one of the last people to leave...I didn’t want it to end.  We talked, laughed, looked at pictures and videos remembering the good times.  

I’m blogging tonight to thank my of them attended.  Hard to believe that they still want to hang out with us, even after the senior cruise in 1983.  Yes, teachers went on cruises with senior classes way back then.

Ms. Bell - thank you for teaching me how to type...I had to skip out on an honors math class to get in typing class my junior year...who would of thought that the skills you taught me would be part of my livelihood in the workplace today.  I will admit you were not my favorite teacher, but I'm glad we became friends later in life through a civic organization.  And I am glad that typing was a part of the curriculum in 1982 and that I was allowed to take it, even though I did not want to be a secretary!

Ms. Thomas - thank you for teaching me about kindness and communication.  As an educator, I try to be kind and respectful to all students.  I continue to see how much you still care!  It is wonderful after all these years that you remain a part of our school family.  Through tutoring and caring, you are still making a big difference at AHS.

Mr. Lovell - you taught me how to study!  and most of all how to be prepared.  Thank you!  You are part of the reason I arrive at work early and stay late.  If I recall correctly, I made my first C in your class.  I still tell students that the lowest grade I made in an English class in college was a B+.  Thank You!

Ms. Lovell - I was so proud when I started working in the library at AHS and you told me that you used my home decorating project for a good example years after I graduated.  I doubt we have many seamstresses in our class, but it is amazing how many people in attendance last night still have the stuffed animal they made in your class.  You taught us to take pride in our work!  

Ms. Susan Skipper Chandler - you taught me many things;  If I were a writer, I would write a book!  I’m probably to old to play sports now :) but I’m still a good sport!  Thank you for teaching me sportsmanship!  I also think you may have taught me to not get mad, get even!  Wake up little Suzie is still one of my favorite songs!

Ruth Ann Sanford - for a moment, I thought you were a classmate when you walked in.  You were probably only a few years older than me when I was in your art class in 1983!  You are one of my all time favorite teachers.  I can't remember specifics about what you taught me.  I do remember that I was always engaged!  Art was my favorite subject.  When there is talk of student engagement, I think about your class.

Coach Shaw - you taught me the importance of a good story!  You taught me to take pride in my school and what school spirit means.  I always think of you during spirit week.  History wasn't my favorite subject and you made it interesting for me.  You made it relevant and authentic 30 years ago!!!  You had a vision!

To all my teachers, I APPRECIATE YOU!   I hope that my students agree that you helped shape me into a caring, understanding and respectful educator!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Solving World Peace 

After watching an Easy Bib webinar on gamification.   I googled upon teacher and author John Hunter and an interview by Karyn Peterson, World Peace, Infinite Possibilities: Educator John Hunter Talks to SLJ.

"So I am obligated to do the best that I possibly can every 

I find this quote powerful.  My philosophy as a librarian/media specialist and technology leader in my school is to the best of my ability help, serve and please my students, my teachers, my administrators, my staff members, and my no special order on any given day.  If you are a librarian/media specialist this will make sense.

My goal for the new school year is to continue to make sure OUR media center is the hub of our school...a place everyone is CONNECTED to! (should I get a charging station for mobile devices?)  and where do I get one?

Thank you John Hunter for the inspiration!  I'm going to continue to find out more about what everyone loves, who they are, and what they care about, I'm going to respect it...even if I don't love it!  and I'm going to build upon it.  And I'm going to remember and share one of my favorite quotes by John C. Maxwell - "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care".

I really don't plan on solving world peace today, my hopes are that I have made a difference in someones life.  Like my 4th grade teacher that inspired me and made a difference...after all these years, I remember the paper mache globe...I may not solve world peace, but my globe turned out great...and I know where the continents and the oceans are...and I still remember 40 years later!  Thank you Mrs. Ambrose! 

And I am thankful that like John Hunter, my superintendent and principal are visionaries and very supportive of school library/media centers and what I do.

BTW...just talked to a friend, who is a trainer for a major cooperation that employees over 25,000 people.  He uses the Jeopardy Game in his training for reinforcement, assessment and to liven up the program...I'll take World Peace for $200!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Keeping up with Technology!

So, from where did my blog title originate?  I collect t-shirts...bought the t-shirt 15 years ago or so when i was coaching cross country..."I'm so far behind I thought I was first". I thought about getting one for everyone on the team...we were new at the sport and having a hard time competing, especially against the upstate runners who were experienced with hills!  
This is how I feel now with can i keep up? I've got an iPad2, an iPhone 4, a Macbook Pro, a Dell laptop, a flipcam, a Canon Rebel dslr and a Canon d40.  Almost forgot the Canon point and shoot camera...maybe I shouldn't mention that one...just read that they are becoming dinosaurs...I’m at least 2 models behind on everything...the technology hill seems to be getting steeper...I just started using twitter even though I created an account 2 years ago...and obviously I've created a blog...actually it's my 2nd or 3rd blog...created one for book club years ago, maybe I can find it...did I mention that I really want a chromebook, but decided to install google chrome on my macbook instead.  
A technician told me years ago that buying a computer was like buying a have to be happy with it and drive it for 4 or 5 years...something to ponder?  I am so ready for an upgrade on my ipad 2 and my vehicle is almost 10 years old...
Just discovered this article...thought you would like. How to Keep Up With Technology   Article reassures me that being 2nd and knowing a little about a lot is OK!

BTW...the Kardashians are very popular when you google "keeping up with". I know a little about them, even though I don't have much time for tv.
Oh and I almost forgot, I own a 3-D smart TV, Apple TV and an "airprint" wireless printer.


Apple TV...a great purchase!  right up there with the swiss army knife!  cut the cable almost a year regrets!

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Swiss Army Knife has a USB Flash Drive

Just finished reading an article The Swiss Army Knife Approach by Doug Johnson.  I knew I had a connection to this man after hearing his keynote address at SCASL many years ago.   Finally figured it out, I too carry a swiss army knife.
Read the article, it will give you a better understanding of how tablets can be incorporated into your library while saving resource monies.

And swiss army knife has a 512 storage USB drive...time for an upgrade... find yours on of the best purchases I've ever made...right up there with my iPad!

I'm already behind...already editing my first post...Do I really need a flash drive?  I have a Google drive...a Skydrive and the Cloud.

maybe?  for when I forget my passwords...the internet is down...etc...what are your thoughts?